About us


Humble beginnings...


We started from a drawing on a napkin to now shipping our garments worldwide.  

PlusSixFour have developed compression clothing with cutting-edge technology, functional comfort and unique designs that represent the calibre and proud traditions of New Zealand sport. 


Only the best will do...

Each Plussix4 compression garment has been designed and tested by elite New Zealand sports people. This testing has not taken place in the science lab or simulators, but out on the training and playing fields under real life conditions. At Plussix4 we have made gradual improvements to the cut and fit of each compression garment to ensure that they have optimal effect on performance and recovery as well as comfort for every athlete no matter what shape or size.

Maori and Pacific designs...

Many of the Plussix4 compression and baselayer range has the representation of  New Zealand's Maori and Polynesian heritage. Our Puhoro inspired pattern is unique to New Zealand and was traditionally tattooed on the thighs of Maori warriors. The design represents  Speed, Agility and Swiftness and its origin comes from the pattern that both, canoe paddles working through water leaves, as well as the wake pattern left by the canoe as it travels. This Speed, Agility and Swiftness represent everything that Plussix4 products stand for.

"New Zealand is a proud sporting nation, especially when it comes to rugby. We are proud of our heritage, we are innovation leaders we want to be the best and we are now World Champions. Our team aspirations and attitude at Plussix4 are no different." -  

Take it easy, give it heaps...

Based in Dunedin Otago New Zealand, the Plussix4 team live by a culture that encourages everyone to enjoy life, work hard and then reap the rewards. The enjoyment, dedication and commitment to their work and products is expressed in each Plussix4 garment

The entire team at Plussix4 take pleasure in exposing the world to New Zealand's outstanding ability to be world leaders in sport.