How does compression clothing improve me as an athlete?

The key benefit of all compression clothing is that it improves the blood circulation throughout the body and to the muscles that are fatigued during exercise activity.

Improved blood circulation means better performing muscles and therefore better results. It also ensures that muscles are given the best opportunity to recover and be ready at peak levels again when required.


There are so many brands of compression clothing. Why +Six4?

PlusSix4 represents the best of the best. Our compression garments have been created using cutting edge technology and input from some of New Zealand's best athletes. Testing and trialling of all products is completed not in labs, but in the environments we know our athletes wear them.

The difference between a base layer and compression top?

The specific difference is fabric types. 

Base Layer

    • Powerskinsilk® fabric with a 4 way stretch providing ultimate comfort and durability.
    • Performance fit - Improves mobility and visual appeal.
    • Moisture wicking system helps to moderate body temperature and transports moisture away from the skin.
    • 92% Polyester 8% Elastane
Our base-layer is a lighter fabric type and has more stretch. 


Compression Clothing


    The compression garment fits tighter on the body and is ideal for both recovery and activity. 
    • PowerSkin® Compression Fabric reducing muscle fatigue and damage
    • Extra length length midriff and silicon band to prevent "riding up" during activity.
    • Focus stitching pattern for extra core support and overall comfort
    • Close fit design to enhance blood circulation

    How long do compression garments last?

    Our performance compression garments have a 12 month warranty on the fabric. We are confident that if athletes ensure they put the garments on correctly and care for them, they will perform for you. However, our PowerSkin fabric is no different to any other compression clothing fabric and is susceptible to stretching over time.

    How do I know my compression clothing fits properly?

    This is simply a priority performance goal of Kinetik. Our garments are purposely designed for comfort and if your Kinetik compression clothing is not fitting snug and firmly on your body then we advise revisiting our sizing chart and also checking that the garments are being worn correctly.

    For upper body garments there should be a free range of movement around the shoulders and there should not be any "riding up" in the midriff.

    For lower body garments there should be only comfort through the waist, crotch and pelvis area and even compression throughout the legs.


    Are +SIX4 garments only for use in cold winter conditions?

    No. Our PowerSkin fabric is designed to provide warmth as an under garment during low temperatures as well as a cooling system in the heat. Kinetik garments work to draw perspiration away from the body in warm temperatures and during exercise


    What countries do you ship to?

    We ship to every country in the world. If you have a desire for the best compression clothing, we will get it to you. As long as you don't live in outer space... we will find a way. (and even then we will give it a crack)


    How do I use a promo discount code?

    During the Checkout process, enter in your special discount code. Your product prices will be adjusted accordingly and you can keep the money you saved in your bank.

    What happens if for some reason I want to return my garment(s)?

    Firstly, we would think you were mad however we completely understand if you mistakenly ordered the wrong size.

    For details refer to our Return policy