+SIX4 Conquers Mt Everest

 +SIX4 was proud to support the Ryan family from Southland when they conquered the 17 Day Trek all the way to Mount Everest base camp. A big thanks to Jeremy Ryan who sent us some pictures and also a journal of the trip (Check it out below). Well done guys huge achievement indeed!

Day 1 of trek

Woke up at 5:00am.We had breakfast and packed our bags

Up. We bussed to the airport and then a 48 minute flight to Lukla.

On the flight we saw some spectacular views of mountain ranges. After the

Flight it was a 2 hour trek to Ghat.It wasn`t a challenging walk but still got

Me puffing. We had a beautiful lunch at the campsite a vegetarian meal.


Gave me a weird feeling. The weather was not great after lunch with monsoon type rains and heavy thunder storms.


Day 2 of trek

We were up at 6:30am to pack our bags and get ready for the day. We

Had a good breakfast of porridge and nalm bread with spreads. Today was a

4 hour walk. It was tough in places and we saw some amazing gardens and

Mountains. We passed alot of yaks and donkeys carrying goods. When we arrived in Monjo we had lunch and relaxed for abit at the campsite playing

Cricket and cards.Later on we went for a 2 hour scenic trek.This was abit

Challenging dew to steep slopes in places. After the walk we played more cricket

And cards.The tents that we are staying in are quite comfortable.

They have 2 beds in them and I am able 2 stand up in them. The toilets are also

Different. You have to squat which is difficult. Today the weather Was very good until the afternoon when it started to rain. After 6:30 (which is tee time).


Day 3 of trek

Today we walked to Namche Bazaar. It was tough in places with a steep

Climb halfway through. We crossed over the Dudh Kosi a couple

Of times.Namche is a horse shoe shaped village. It is the Sherpa capital of Nepal. We are staying in a nice hotel. I can feel the altitude abit, by it taking

Longer to get my breathe back. There was fresh snow today.


Day 4 of trek

Today was a rest day. In the morning we walked up to the Everest view hotel.

On the way there we walked past the highest airstrip in the world (3,700 m).

The best thing about the day was getting our first glimpse of Mt Everest.

Once the cloud cleared we had a perfect view of the summit. It was a beautiful

Day with the sun shining.


Day 5 of trek


This morning it was a 6:30am start. It was another rest day (acclimatisation day).After breakfast we packed our day packs and began the trek to Thame.

Many Sherpa live in the small village.Tenzing Norgay lived in Thame as a child

And it is also home to Apa Sherpa who holds the world record of summiting

Everest 21 times. It was a sunny day with a clear blue sky. It was a 3 hour trek to Thame.At Thame we had lunch at a lodge. After lunch we saw Tenzing Norgay’s house. The front door was so small I had to crouch down. After sightseeing in Thame we headed back to Namche.On the way back we walked past the world’s highest hydro plant. Overall the trek was 6 hours. After the trek we were all exhausted.


Day 6 of trek

A 6:30am start, today we walked to Deboche (3770m).After breakfast and

Packing our bags we started the 6 hour trek. On the way out of Namche

We saw a pheasant. The trek was quite challenging. It was steep in places. On

The way we passed a monastery village.


Day 7 of trek

Last night had a terrible time vomiting. It is very important to wash your

Hands before you eat. Today we trekked to Dingboche (4360).Today was very

Difficult for me as I had no energy. It started to snow after lunch not hard enough to set. When we got to the camp it started to clear and we got good

Views of mountain ranges.


Day 8 of trek


Today was a rest day and I was over the vomiting. We got a bit of a sleep

In. After breakfast we went for a 1 hour trek. It was enough to get me puffing.

On the way up we had great views of the mountain ranges around Dingboche.

On the way down the mist came in so we didn`t have any view. After the trek

We just relaxed at the camp playing cricket and cards.

Day 9 of trek


This morning was not a good one for the group. With half feeling sick. With half the group sick we set a steady pace to Lobuche.It was a clear day With a cold wind ripping up the valley. We were surrounded by mountains. We had lunch at Tugla which is a small settlement. After lunch we decided that the sick ones should stay at Tugla for the night and walk up to Lobuche in the morning. The rest of us continued up to Lobuche.After a steep ascent we came across to rock cairns which are dedicated to the deaths on Everest. After that we continued up to Lobuche (5,000m).


Day 10 of trek


Today was a rest day. I can feel the altitude quite a bit with headaches

Coming and going. We just did some light walking around Lobuche.The

Ones that were feeling sick made there way up. Some of them were feeling

Better. Today we saw base camp for the first time. The glaciers are everywhere

And the high peaks.


Day 11 of trek


Today was the big day trekking to Gorak Shep and on to Everest Base Camp (5360m).The trek to Gorak Shep wasn`t too bad until the last half hour. We had lunch at Gorak Shep where we were to stay the night. After lunch I was

Exhausted and knew Base Camp was going to be tough. The altitude and

Tiredness made it so difficult. We passed glacier after glacier and massive

High peaks surrounding us. The scene was unforgettable the whole

Valley was mind blowing. Ten minutes before B.C I got a terrible

Headache the worst I’ve ever had. I then spewed up I was exhausted

But dug in to make it. Tents surrounded the rocky terrace. Everest was

Sticking out. It was an unforgettable experience. So on the 15th of April

2012 I finally “knocked the bugger off”.


Day 12 of trek


After yesterdays ascent I was very tired but I had to get over it because

We were to make our final lounge to Kala Patter (5545m).It was a quite

Steep ascent. It was a sunny day. What I didn`t know was that I was to face

The same challenges like E.C.As we got within half an hour of reaching the top I got very cold and tired. The wind was very cold. Making it terribly difficult. We

Finally made it to the top. Everest was looking fantastic. It was very windy

At the top so after ten minutes we made our way down. After lunch we trekked

Down to Lobuche.We had finished the challenge and we now were pleased


Day 13 of trek

This morning the sun was out shining hard. Today we trekked to Dingboch Was a fairly easy walk downhill? We stopped at the row of cairns to Sherpa climbers who died on Everest. We built a memorial out of rocks for my mother,

Grandad and Grandma. We could clearly see the snowy peaks.


Day 14 of trek

Today was another sunny day. Today the group split. Half went to Ama Dablam

Base Camp where they were hoping to meet Peter Hillary and then continue

Down to Deboche.My half trekked down Deboche.It was a nice trek downhill.

We are now back below the tree line.


Day 15 of trek


Today was another nice fresh day. Today we trekked down to my favourite Village Namche.It was a bit challenging in places with steep climbs. On the way down we got a glimpse of Everest. By lunch time I was exhausted. After lunch it was a 2 hour trek to Namche.We took a different route and went the Khumjing way.Khumjing is where Sir Edmund Hillary built his school and Hospital.It was a very memorable experience seeing the school? In the school There was a hostel this was cool because am a boreder myself. After the visit it was a nice trek down to Namche.


Day 16 of trek

Another nice day of weather. This morning was an excellent morning with are Group receiving are Nepalese scarf each. This was from the owner of the hotel we stayed at. The owner’s father was in the 1953 expidition.The first expedition to conquer Everest. Today we trekked down to Ghat.It was a nice downhill trek until after lunch then it had a few climbs. We got are final view of Everest which was fantastic. After the trek it was good to relax and enjoy the campsite.


Day 17 of trek

Finally it was the last day of the trek. It was a nice sunny day. After an enjoyable farewell dinner last night it was good to have an enjoyable trek up to Lukla.We were staying in a nice lodge. After the trek we explored Lukla for the afternoon. We had an early flight in the morning so it was our last chance to soak in the magnificent Himalayan range. It has been a fantastic experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Dane Shelford
Dane Shelford